Aupa Plancha Visits Jaialdi 2015 in Boise, ID

Ongi Etorri, Bienvenue, Bienvenida, Welcome!

We continued the second half of Aupa Plancha’s 2015 Road Trip and arrived in Boise, ID for Jaialdi 2015.  Jaialdi started back in 1987 as a way to promote and sustain Basque culture in the United States and abroad; nearly 30 years later, it’s one of the largest Basque festivals anywhere in the world. Since Jaialdi occurs every 5 years it was perfect timing for Aupa Plancha to make it’s debut to the US Basque community.  We were honored to be able to take part in the celebration!  Our first stop was The Basque Block which is a small area of Boise that has Basque restaurants, bars, The Basque Market and The Basque Museum.


We must have visited the Basque Market daily to enjoy the pintxos (tapas) and the paella.  We figured out very quickly that you have to get there early because it was amazing!  Highly recommend the croquetas, too which we might or might not have eaten every day of the festival.


The performers did not disappoint.  Dancers, singing groups and “giants” came from across the US and Spain to share the Basque culture with everyone.  There was not a person in the Basque Center that wasn’t mentally planning a trip to the Basque Country next summer.


For the weekend, the festivities moved to the fairgrounds outside of Boise at Expo Idaho.  A full two days of exploring sheep wagons, enjoying Basque dances and being amazed by the strength of the Basque athletes (see more about them here) kept the Aupa Children very busy.


We were truly touched by everyone’s excitement for the Aupa Planchas and loved hearing stories of the fond memories of cooking on the plancha back in the Basque Country.  The Bacon Manchego Bites were a huge hit (recipe coming soon.)  And now there several 100 people sporting our glamorous Aupa Plancha Basque bandannas.


Thank you to everyone (especially Joy F. and Alison B.) that made our debut such a wonderful success.  Until 2020…AUPA!